Renew and Improve Families' food supply Harvested from Central's Garden image

Renew and Improve Families' food supply Harvested from Central's Garden

You can volunteer to help with the work of renewal, as well!

$500 raised

$12,000 goal

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Sponsor an Edible Oasis

Did you KNOW that there's a half-acre Community Garden in Van Nuys, located at Central Lutheran Church, just 3 blocks from the Civic Center?

Did you KNOW that we have 34 Garden plots, and four teaching & demonstration areas to help TEACH FOOD SUFFICIENCY to families in our impoverished community?

Did you KNOW that creating an oasis in this densely populated second urban core of Los Angeles requires both a water management system (drip irrigation with smart timers), and significant renovations to cost-effectively fulfill its purpose?

YOU can SPONSOR garden renewal for part of a plot, for an entire plot or for several plots.

or You can VOLUNTEER labor to dig irrigation trenches, replace fence posts and re-install compost bins.

Starting now, we are asking for $250 per garden ($125/half, $65/quarter, or whatever you can afford) to bring our beautiful and diverse community garden to life.

Under the direction of a Master Gardener in Training (one of our own!), Central will be

  1. implementing improved water management through drip irrigation and smart controllers
  2. converting to organic integrated pest management to improve crop yields
  3. introducing practices designed to preserve soil health
  4. optimizing yields to feed more people
  5. reimagining the layout to engage more Gardeners

Volunteers can join the project on scheduled work days (or evenings) starting in May.

Collaborating with 340+ Master Gardeners, Central's Community Garden offers classes that "teach people to grow" a key strategy in food sufficiency. Bi-weekly Crop Swaps encourage sharing and diversifying the selection of produce bursting from this urban oasis. Classes and Crop Swaps will begin in July.